The Right Fryer Basket Options for Better Fries


If you can make a customer love your French Fries, you’ll have a customer for life. That adage has been true for decades at this point. One way to make the kinds of French Fries (and other fried foods) that make people incorporate your establishment into their daily lives is to have the right fryer basket. Here at Professional Kitchen Supplies, those are the kinds of fryers that we offer. Frying up mouth-watering dishes of all types has never been easier, and never been at a better price, than it is right now. 

GoldenFRY Fryer Basket

As of this writing, we have many ANETS GoldenFRY products available. These products truly live up to their name. “GoldenFRY” fryers do exactly that: they fry food quickly and thoroughly as well as in a better way than previously possible. No matter which of the ANETS GoldenFRY products you choose from, they’re all built to be as durable as possible. That means that you’ll be able to fry up excellent food for your customers today, tomorrow, and well into the future. Fryers go through a lot, so they have to be resistant and strong. These fryers absolutely are. 

Multiple Kinds of Conservation  

We understand that your kitchen is your business. Yes, you want to make the best food possible, but you also need to make money, too. However, the last thing you ever want to do is to sacrifice quality for money. With ANETS GoldenFRY products, you never have to. Indeed, you’re able to get the “best of both worlds.” That means that these products are designed and built to perform at a high level daily, yes, but they’re also made to be energy-efficient, too. That means that you’ll be able to fry more food for longer all without spending too much on your energy bill. By cutting costs where you can, you can make more money while delivering a better overall product and experience to your customers. That’s the very definition of a “win win.” 


The GoldenFRY isn’t the only kind of ANETS fryer that we offer at our site. Indeed, as of this writing, you’ll be able to find multiple 40AS models as well. These fryers are made to be able to handle the tough jobs daily. With a 40 to 45 pound oil capacity as well as a stainless steel cabinet with galvanized sides and back, you won’t have to worry about this fryer breaking down on you anytime sooner. The high temperature safety limit switch also ensures that these products are efficient as they are safe. 

Beyond Fryers 

Fryers are just one of the kinds of products that you can find at our kitchen products website. Whether you’re looking to fill an entire kitchen with top quality products, or you’re just looking for the one item that will take your kitchen to the next level, you can find all of the products you need right here at our site. For more info, call us at (747) 272-7360.