Cast Iron or Copper? Picking the Right Professional Kitchen Cookware

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If you are running a professional cooking operation, you can’t just go to the department store and get whatever cookware set is on sale. The two leading options as far as professional kitchen cookware goes are cast iron and copper cookware. Which one should you go for? Let’s take a look.

Cast Iron Cookware Pros and Cons

The best thing about cast iron cookware is that it will be able to withstand whatever high temperatures you plan to subject it to and work just as well with the lower ones. It does take a while to heat up, but once it gets there you will be able to enjoy consistent temperatures throughout your cooking session. In fact, its capacity to withstand consistently high temperatures make this cookware perfect for deep-frying. You can also count on it not giving you hot spots that give way to uneven cooking due to the reliability of the material. They are great to be used on both the stovetop and inside the over, making cast iron a great choice for baking as well as cooking. 


As far as cons go, a lot of cast iron cookware can actually be quite heavy, making it difficult to move around, transfer to the oven, or even wash. This also means that your shelves need to be ready to handle the excessive weight of these pieces. Just as it takes some time to heat up, it also takes time to cool down, so if you are looking for a quick dinner-making experience or to do the dishes right after, you might hit a few roadblocks along the way. Additionally, in order to make sure the pieces remain nonstick, you will need to coat the piece in oil and bake it for a few hours. This process is called seasoning and, while inconvenient, it can extend the life of your cookware.

Copper Cookware Pros and Cons

Copper cookware, you will notice, is often a favorite of professional chefs and home cooking enthusiasts, not just because of its gorgeous vintage look, but also because the material is excellent at distributing heat evenly. When it comes to braising or simmering, copper cookware never fails to be the best possible choice. While not as resistant as cast iron, copper cookware can definitely enjoy a long lifespan if taken care of correctly. It’s is easy to clean and to use, allowing for quick heating up and cooling down and, therefore, multiple uses even within the same meal. It requires persistent upkeep, but it is definitely worth the trouble.


The most obvious disadvantage, at least initially, is the cost. Copper cookware is often among the most expensive available, and for a reason. Few other pieces allow for such an excellent cooking experience while also looking as good as copper ones do. However, in order to maintain that nice shiny look, they do need to be polished frequently. Also worth noting, they are not compatible with induction cooking ranges.

Professional Kitchen Cookware

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